Nicole about depression

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I don’t know that I was on the meds long enough to know if it helped. When things got really bad for me back then, I went on meds and then I was able to be aware of what was going on around me enough to realize what I needed to do… and that was to split up with Nathan’s dad. He agreed on the separation. Then I moved to Calgary soon after that, and started putting my life back together. I was only on meds for about 3 weeks. And at that time I had ZERO support. My mother treated me like I was some freak (although I’m convinced that she’s been living with depression her whole life).
I hate the thought of having to take meds, for some reason. But I can’t go thru another day like today. I sat at work doing nothing, I cried over my lunch hour, I had to get away from my son… pretty much all day I spent trying NOT to have an attack… until I posted that first post, and the whole room was spinning, and Jody came in and held me and I just lost it. I hate that feeling. That’s my 2nd panic attack EVER and I don’t like them. Not one bit.

Penny about her blood pressure

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I’ve quit taking my meds and have also quit coffee and cigarettes. Blood
pressure is now the same as taking meds but I feel a whole lot better without
the meds. I have also started Atkins diet and am hoping this will help.

Hi Penny,

you quit taking your meds? what were you on? and how high does
your pressure run without the meds? I would love to be able to
be without the atorvastatin generic. My pressure was 166/95 in the docs
office a couple of months ago..on the lipitor. Since that
time, I have lost weight on Dr. Ornish’s program, and it’s
running around 130/76 at resting rate. Of course it fluctates
thru-out the day..sometimes it’s higher..into the 140/84

I have to say something about the Atkins diet..not meaning to
flame, just giving my humble opinion. :) Just my experience
with it. I tried it last summer and lost about 10 pounds
almost immediately. Most of that was water. I later learned
that this is common, and that meat eaters lose a tremendous
amount of calcium, as it binds with the proteins and is then
excreted. That’s why a person on the Atkins diet should take
lots of supplements to make up for the good things in veggies.
When I went off of the diet I re-gained and then some.
Yesterday the USDA came out with a study saying that 5 or 6
servings of veggies per day cuts risks of stroke by one third!
that’s a lot. I’m not knockin anyone trying the Atkins diet. I
really, in my heart of hearts, cannot see where it is
healthful. It’s just my experience that I did not enjoy eating
that way. It was good for a while, but I tired of it quickly.
I missed my veggies too much! haha!

If you would be willing to look at an alternative to Dr.
Atkins, then go to Dr. Ornish’s website…here is the URL for
it. There was a lively and most interesting debate between
Atkins and Ornish on the site..not sure if it’s still there.
If you want I copied it, and will happily send it to you.


Paul about Lufenuron

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Hi all,
I feel I started this recent generic flagyl 400mg online discussion (though there have been discussions about it here in the past). I was only asking questions about it; I definitely didn’t mean to promote it. In fact, I still haven’t ordered any, since I’m still unsure of its safety issues.
I’m getting desperate, however – probably like a lot of you here. I absolutely need to start working soon, as my savings is nearly depleted by this impossible to deal with medical condition known as Candidiasis.

Post from Debbie

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At the moment we have two Melissa’s that are active in the group.
Go to the home page and on the left click on messages, then you can
scroll thru them looking for the one you are trying to find. if you
need further help let me know and I’ll be happy to help you in your
search. She will probably respond to your post herself eliminating
the need for a search. if you feel like crying do it. If you feel
like screaming do it! Even if you scream into your pillow while
lying on your bed. Anyway you can vent this is ok in my book. Its
amazing what crying and screaming can do to make us just feel a
little bit better. Too much trauma fear and anxiety build up and we
need to vent it, let it go somehow. As long as we know this and put
it into practice then the less likely we are to let it go full force
on our families and friends. And remember, we are here and ready to
hear you scream and cry and bitch and moan and we will love ya right
thru it!!!
have a truly wonderful day

Linda’s stories

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Mark, when I went on methotrexate, I had been diagnosed for 13 years
(diagnosis 1977, but for years no one knew I had RA) and had probably had
signs for another ten years. The progression of my disease was not rapid up
to that point 9 years ago. Some changes were visible and a lot of damage
had probably been started, but I was still working and managing quite well.
Then, in 1990, I started metho. It seemed that the joint deterioration
speeded up: notceable shortening of my fingers sometime in 1991-2; unable
to return to work because of my knee in Setember 1992; the first symptom (I
had always been told, “At least your hip joints are good!”) of a potential
problem in my hip, clicking in the joint in January 1993 which progressed in
8 months to being told I needed a new hip!!!!

The point is, my RA was not always aggressive, although looking back, my
rheumatologist says it always seemed to be “simmering”. I am not saying
metho does not work for some people–I don’t know. I am not saying metho
speeded up the deterioration of my joints–I don’t know. (But the timing of
metho and my rapid joint deterioration is interesting. Although, who knows,
perhaps my dose was not high enough when I began in 1990). I am not saying
not to try methotrexate. Believe me, I understand what it is like to stand
by and watch changes from RA and feel helpless. All I am saying is to
monitor your progress; be watchful for any changes and then act with your
doctor at the start of those changes. Don’t blindly continue taking it,
assuming it might work someday or that you are protected from damage because
you’re taking it. I took it for 7 years because that is what I was
prescribed and because in those days I was not proactive; I assumed the drug
would do what it was supposed to do. You can’t assume anything wth
rheumatic diseases. Just be careful and watchful.

Whatever each of us decides to take, my only hope is that we will improve.
I am well aware that each of us is different, and what works for one may not
work for another. I am not against methotrexate, because as I said above, I
just don’t know. But I feel it is important to be informed–even if that
information is anecdotal and personal as it is in my case– and to be


Back Doctor’s Visit

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Hi Everyone,
I have come and gone to the Doctor today and had a good visit. He was
very kind and took time with me and sent me home with the following
One upholstered chair from the department of Rehab for my legs while I am
working at the computer. A glucometer to monitor my blood and test strips.
Unfortunately my insurance will not pay for this. Good news is there is a
business here that donates them so will get that tomorrow I called them and
need to call them back. Some pills to try that help monitor my insulin to try
and get it down called. Glucophage (Metformin)
For the leg cramps I got me some Soma and some Quinine. He also refilled
the Doxycycline for the Antibiotic treatment for the Ankylosing Spondylitis.
He is going to approve the house hold help from the dept. of Social
services. Tomorrow morning I go in for a fasting blood test and get the
computer signed off as well. So hopefully the medications will go well. He
says I should try magnesium as well for the leg cramps so I am gonna check my
flintstones to see if they have magnesium in them.
He is sending me to a Sansum Research program called Smart that will teach
me how to care for the diabetes in exchange for giving them information.
Also he prescribed someone pill wonder for knocking out infection call
ducifian I think but my medical will not pay for it it only pays if you have
aids or cancer cost of this pill is $15.00 so I will probably think about it
and get it tomorrow.
Well, I am kind of tired. Love you all. Kelly

Branded Medicines vs. Generic Medicines

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Prescription medications may be available in two forms – as brand-name and generic medicaments. The distinction between these two versions is that brand-name medication is created by a particular pharmaceutical company that has a patent on the medicament. Holding a patent on specific medicine implies that other companies don’t possess the right to distribute it. Once the potent is expired, the medication can be manufactured by other manufacturers and sold under its generic name, for example, generic diflucan online.

The popularity of medications is very big presently, as they come at a far lower cost compare to their trade-name counterparts. Health insurance providers usually advise generic drugs as they may economize the money considerably, this in turn lowers expanses for both the insurance companies and those individuals who buy the necessary medications themselves.

So what are the main distinction between branded and generic drugs?

- Cost

One of the most considerable differences between trade-name name and generic medications is a cost. Generic variants of well-known branded drugs might have costs nearly 3 times as smaller as their brand-name variants. Note that the low price doesn’t mean that generic medicaments are of a lower grade. Affordable costs of generic medicaments can explained the way that their producers don’t have to waste funds on various investigations and examinations because all this is carried out by the manufacturers of trade-name medicines. Besides, manufacturers of branded medications spend funds on marketing of a new medication that is very costly. Another factor that gives the understanding of the low price of generics is the contest between the companies that produce and distribute them. As a consequence of such competition, the prices are decreased.


Generic and trade-name meds have slight distinctions in their minor compounds. According to the Food and Drug Administration regulations, both trade-name medications and its generic variants must have same key components which ensures same action of the medicines. The forms and colors of the generic medicines and branded medications might also differ.


Compare to branded drugs, generic medicines don’t pass through different examinations on the safety, potential adverse reactions and effectiveness. This is because they are produced using same basic compounds which guarantees analogous pharmaceutical action of the medicines..

Usually, if the health providers indicates a trade-name drug for you, you can substitute it with the generic form unless the prescription has the note “no substitution.” Very often druggists recommend the people generic medications as a substitute for brand-name medication. But be aware of the fact that not each branded medication has its generic equivalent.

A number of people as well as medical professionals consider generics to be less effective. As a rule, both versions of the medicament show their action in the same manner. But in case you don’t observe the substantial results from the use of generic medicament, you may try to take its trade-name form.

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Kelly, this will be quick for now as I have 3 granddaughters waiting for us
to take them to a Xmas party. But extra calcium will help ease the cramps
once your body gets what it needs and also when the cramp is happening if
you rub that part of your leg with ice it will take it away. If it is low
in the leg or in your foot I would stand on the ice. I used to keep an old
soap bottle with water in it and freeze it so I could get it quick to stand
on or rub. If your cramps are like mine, the shock of the ice won’t even
bother you because it will bring the relief. Hope this helps.


The Information About Imitrex

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Imitrex is a potent medication that is used in treatment of migraine or cluster headaches.

The structure of the medication is similar to one of the brain neurotransmitter called serotonin. Imitrex

eases migraines by causing stricture of the arteries that lead to the brain. This medication is intended to be taken when acute persistent attacks occur, and should be started once the symptoms begin.

Imitrex are available in the following forms: injections, tablets, or a nasal spray. The tablet form is the most commonly used. The tablets are available in strengthens of 25, 50, or 100mg and are taken when it’s necessary every 2 hours. One should be careful not to take the overdose of the medication, so don’t take more than 200mg a day. Tablets should be taken whole washing down with water. The tablets are easily to be consumed but they are considered to perform less effectiveness as many of the components are metabolized before reaching the arteries. In comparison with the tablet form, injections start their action faster.

Imitrex must not be used by people suffering from heart disease, hypertension, insufficient circulation, diabetes, high cholesterol, or history of strokes in the past. So if you suffer from any of serious diseases, tell your doctor about that.

Speaking about the medicine interactions, Imitrex interacts with a number of nonprescription medications and some widely prescribed antidepressant medications.  This medication shouldn’t be taken by the individuals below 18 or over 65 years old. This medication shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women or nursing mothers because it can do harm to the child.

Imitrex has a number of side reactions, some of which are serious. Heartburn, non sensibility, tingling, dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, rapid heart, difficulty breathing, and flushing are the most typical side reactions of Imitrex. Among the less common side reactions are the following: thirst, agitation, extreme chest pain, seizures, weakness, hearing loss, muscle twitches, changes in vision and extreme blood pressure fluctuations.

The patients who use Imitrex should know about the possibility of allergic reaction, such as shortness of breath and welling of the face and throat. If such reactions are observed, attain medical assistance right away. Among the possible symptoms of the overdose are paralysis, shivering, convulsions, coordination disorder, excessive saliva flow, flushed or bluish limbs, and breathing disorders.

Imitrex is only used for dealing with common migraines but is not used in rarer hemiplegic or basilar migraines treatment.  Take this medication according to the prescription. The dosage depends on the individual’s health condition and body weight.

Store Imitrex at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and light.

In spite the fact that Imitrex has many advantages, this medication has a number of disadvantages.

Surely, this medication is intended not for everybody, but still the majority of patients suffering from migraine find this medication to be a very effective.

Generic Imitrex

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Imitrex is a prescription medication that is used in migraine headaches treatment. Imitrex is a triptan sulfa medication that contains sulfonamide group.

The generic versions come only in the form of tablet and injection. Presently, the generic version of this medication in the form of the nasal spray is not available.

Generic Imitrex comes in four strengths: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg tablets and 6 mg per 0.5 ml injection.

What are the manufacturers of this medicate?

Brand-name Imitrex produced by GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company and generic version is manufactured by various manufacturers among which are the following: Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz, and others.

The dosage of Imitrex

The dose of this medication should be chosen by the medical professional depending on the following factors: the response of your body to this medication, other medicines you are taking, certain medical conditions and some others. Always follow the dosage regimen given by your doctor and never adjust the dosage if your doctor doesn’t instruct you to do this.

Imitrex should be taken only during a migraine headache. It’s pointless to use this medication in order to prevent a migraine attack. The common dosages of Imitrex are:25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg (tablets that are taking orally), 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg (nasal spray), 4 mg or 6 mg (injection).

Precautions before using General Imitrex

Imitrex shouldn’t be used every day but only when you suffer from migraine. If your headache persists after taken the dose of Imitrex, your doctor might instruct you to take one more dose of this medication, but you should be aware that the second dose can only be taken 2 hours after the first dose for tablets or nasal spray and one hour for injection. The daily dosage of this medication should not exceed 200 mg of tablets, 40 mg of spray, and 12 mg of injection.

This medication can be taken with or without food.

Always read the instructions coming with the medication. Here you can find the details on how to use this medication.  Make sure that your doctor gives you the same instructions and recommendations.

In order to get the desirable results take this medication according to prescription.